OCTANE UP is a specialized additive for fuel, specially designed for MOTORCYCLES in Indonesia.OCTANE UP is 100% developed and produced in Indonesia by WIN TECH under the supervision of PT WASKITA INTI NUGRAHA in Bandung.

I. Background Information

OCTANE UP is formulated to bridge the gap between the advancements in motorcycle engine technology in Indonesia with fuel quality in Indonesia.

The advancements in motorcycle engine technology in Indonesia are :

1. A shift from manual transmission to automatic. The population of automatic motorcycle in Indonesia exceeds 60% of the total population of motorcycles in Indonesia.
2. A significant change in compression ratio from 8:1 to 9:1 or even more. 2. Engine compression is raised to achieve a higher performing motorcycle engine, , because of the emergence of automatic motorcycles and also the advancements in technology.
With the aforementioned changes, motorcycle engine in Indonesia demands a higher quality of fuel.
The higher the compression ratio, the higher quality fuel is needed.

Without a good fuel quality, there is a risk of “pre-ignition” in the combustion chamber, commonly known as IMPERFECT COMBUSTION.

Imperfect combustion gives several negative effects:

  • Carbon residues start to pil
  • With time, carbon build up in the combustion chamber karbon
  • Carbon build up causes damage to the motorcycle engine
  • The motorcycle losses power and fuel efficiency.
  • The engine experiences pinging or knocking

II. Octane UP

WIN TECH conducted field researches to motorcycle workshops and motorcycle tuning shops to gain information and insight towards the effect of fuel quality that are bought in the market towards motorcycle engine.

WIN TECH designed a FORMULATION of the perfect fuel mixture for the needs of motorcycle engine. With the initial design that originates from Japan, and 100% tested & developed in Indonesia, it is fully compatible with all types of motorcycle in Indonesia.

Octane Up has undergone rigorous testing for 30 continuous months in many cities: Bali through Ojek drivers (Online based transportation mode hasn’t emerged at that time), Bandung, Sumedang, Padalarang, Cimahi, and Subang. Testing is conducted using various types of motorcycles such as:

  • 2 and 4 stroke engines
  • Carbureted and fuel injected engines
  • Manual transmission motorcycles, both clutch and clutch-less motorcycles
  • Automatic transmission motorcycles
  • Motorcycles with engines above 200cc

OCTANE UP has also been tested using various motorcycle brands, and all types of fuels in Indonesia (Pertamina and non-Pertamina).

OCTANE UP is designed as liquid, because during our extensive research we discovered that non-liquid fuel additives can give negative effects. Among them are clutter in the fuel tank and carburetor or fuel injector blockage.

OCTANE UP is tested using the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) on board a Dyno Test using Pertalite.

Dyno Test results show that OCTANE UP Increases horsepower and torque significantly, 21.7% and 20% respectively.

WIN TECH, after 30 months of continuous testing, can confidently say that: Octane Up is 100% safe for motorcycles in Indonesia.

III. Benefits of Octane Up

OCTANE UP gives 3 benefits :

1. XTRA POWER, Increases engine power -> Fuel is perfectly ignited in the combustion chamber.
2. XTRA PROTECTION , Contains MCFA (Maximized Chain Friction Absorber) and Carbon Cleaner -> lubricates the combustion chamber: resulting in a smoother running engine and cleaning the combustion chamber from carbon residues -> Motorcycle engine lasts longer.
3. XTRA SAVING, BONUS, fuel savings up to 50% 3. -> Depending on the condition of the engine and engine maintenance.

Octane Up is the answer to the ever-increasing demand of better fuel to run an engine.

Motorcyclists in Indonesia can enjoy the advancement in technology in motorcycle engines by using Octane Up as their fuel additives for motorcycle.

IV. Conclusion

Fuel alone isn’t enough. Use Octane Up for your motorcycle fuel. Miss it and you’ll regret it! Try it now and you’ll come for more!

Xtra Octane Up 99